Our Vision

This is a new (I hope) concept inspired by the classic episode of Family Guy, where Peter wants a boat, but takes the mystery box.

I’ve been using e-cigarettes for a little more than a year now, and haven’t looked back. What started as a smoking cessation method has become a full-blown hobby that includes product reviews, blogging and all sorts of other fun.

Ignoring the hardware aspect of vaping, this hobby of mine has the potential to get out of hand very quickly, and can get expensive just as fast on the e-juice alone. With all of the vendors, all of the flavors, all of the options, our community’s greatest blessing is possibly also its greatest curse. Who to buy from? What to try? What if I don’t like it?

E-Juicebox is going to be a monthly subscription service, where you’ll get a few liquids from different vendors in each box (monthly, bi-monthly, we’ll see).

The goal here is to give the vaping community automatic variety. For vapers, you may get some old favorites, you may be introduced to some new ones.

For vendors, you’ll get exposure to vapers who may not otherwise know you exist.

That’s the gist. We’re still working out the details, so for now this will have to suffice.

For more information, email us at info@e-juicebox.net